For Industrial Use
Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

TPR(S) is a non self-priming, vertical multistage centrifugal pump,consisting of a base, pump head, pump body and an outer sleeve.
The base has in-line suction and discharge ports, and all seals
are maintenance-free.


Operating range of the shaft seal

The operating range of the shaft seal depends on operating pressure, pump type, type of shaft seal and liquid temperature. The range shown in fig. 5 applies to clean water and water with anti-freeze liquids. If the operating range is exceeded, the life of the shaft seal may be reduced.


The motor is a totally enclosed, fan cooled, 2-pole standard
Installation specifications: 0.37-4.0kW, V18; over 5.5kW, v1
Insulation class: F
Enclosure class: IP55 , IP54
Standard voltages: 3x 220 / 380 V
Stops and Restarts: 0.37-less than 4kw, 30 times / hour
                             Over 4.0kw, 20 times / hour

Operating Conditions

Delivery liquids : non-viscous, non-flammable/explosive, without neither solid nor fiber particles, and should not cause physical nor chemical damage to the pump. For viscosity larger than water, use pumps with a higher output if necessary.
Whether a pump is suitable for a certain liquid depends factors such as the liquid’s chlorine content, PH value, temperature and composition, among other factors.
Liquids temperature: -20°C to 120°C
Environmental Temperature: Maximum 40°
At environmental temperatures over 40°C or altitudes over 1000m above sea level, motor heat dissipation will be reduced due to reduced air density thus reducing heat dissipation, and cause adecrease in power output. In those situations, higher rated pump is necessary.
Minimum suction pipe pressure: the suction pressure should be calculated and checked if any of these conditions exist:
 High liquid temperature
 Flow significantly larger than rated maximum
 Liquid requires long suction distance
 The suction pipe is long
 Liquid entry conditions are bad

Model code


TPR 50Hz

TPR 60Hz


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Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

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60Hz Catalogs

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Instructional Manual 

TPR Instructional Manual 

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Instructional Manual 

TPR10、15、20Mechanical Seal Manual

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