CAMWATER, Cambodia 2015 (9/10~9/12)

CAMWATER, Cambodia 2015 (9/10~9/12)


While water supply has improved significantly in Phnom Penh, the Government need to make significant advances in water quality and greater access to water in urban and rural areas, the government is making large investments into new dams, catchment areas, and pipelines. Major cities are expanding and new buildings demand efficient and quality water piping and supply solutions and improve water loss and NRW. In addition, growing concerns regarding industrial pollution have spurred authorities to enforce strict rules on treatment of industrial wastewater.

CAMWATER’15 is a business-to-business industry event designed to be a showcase of the latest advances and innovations in water treatment and sanitation management. Co-located with CAMBUILD’15, the event is expected to be attended by over 7,000 trade visitors and industry professionals.